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T3 Featherweight 2 Blow Dryer


I have been eying this beauty for a very long time now.  I planned to take the plunge during Sephora’s VIB sale, but found it on Groupon a couple weeks before.  I snapped that deal up and now I actually look forward to drying my hair.

The T3 comes with some pretty lofty promises. According to the company, the Featherweight 2 Dries hair 64% faster than other dryers.  It definitely dries my hair faster, but I wouldn’t say 64%.  My hair is fine and dries pretty quickly to begin with, so this may be true for people with thicker hair.

73% reduction in frizz.  Absolutely.  Typically after blow drying, I am left with a frizzy mess, and I have to run a flat iron through my hair to smooth everything out.  With the Featherweight 2, my hair dries almost frizz free, and I only need a few swipes the flat iron through afterwards.  This is where I notice the most time-saving, as I spend less time straightening.  Plus, and less straightening means less damage!

86% increase in body.  Nope.  Not even close.  Like I said, I have pretty fine hair, so I need to use product in my hair to keep volume throughout the day.  For a couple days, I used no product to style my hair, just the blow dryer and flat iron.   My hair fell flat pretty quickly.  When combined with my usual products, maybe my hair looks a bit fuller.  But definitely not 86%.

19% increase in shine.  Yes.  19% isn’t a huge amount, but this dryer definitely makes my hair shinier and healthier, overall.

33% increase in comb-ability.  I would agree with this.  Overall, my hair is softer and more manageable, so it doesn’t tangle as much.

48% increase in style retention.  I’ll give the T3 this one.  My hair does hold style and volume better.   I still need to use all the most of products I did with other dryers in order to maintain my style throughout the day.

Overall, I am really happy with the T3.  I’ve had it for about a month now, and my hair is softer and noticeably healthier.  Split ends has always been an issue for me, but I am definitely noticing improvement in that department.  I know the condition of my hair will keep improving over time, and while the T3 doesn’t necessarily live up to all it’s claims, it is still one fantastic dryer!

The T3 Featherweight 2 can be purchased from Sephora for $200.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I wanted to show you my Thanksgiving mani.  I went simple with MAC Style Clan.  Its a perfect brown with a subtle copper shimmer.  Somehow I ended up owning 2 bottles of this, but I can’t remember why.  Its a great fall color and perfect for thanksgiving.  I used 2 coats plus HK Girl top coat.  MAC isn’t known for having great nail polish formulas, but this is definitely one of the better ones.

MAC Style Clan 2

MAC Style Clan

I’ve used HK Girl top coat a few times now, and so far I am liking it.  It is definitely quick drying and super shiny, but so far it’s nothing I haven’t gotten from other, more accessible top coats.

Are you planning on taking advantage of any Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals?  Zoya has an awesome promotion running, with a $72 purchase, you can get a 12 pc. Cheers to All dream box, plus a mini color lock system for free!  I picked this one up, so expect to see a lot of Zoya swatches on the blog in the near future!

Refined & Polished put together a very comprehensive list of sales from mostly indie brands, that you can find here.  For a breakdown of  more mainstream beauty sales, check out Temptalia’s list here.

OPI Liquid Sand Jinx

Today I have an OPI Liquid sand to show you, Jinx.  It took me a while to get on board with the textured polish trend, but I really do enjoy them for something different.  Jinx is an orange-coral-pinkish polish with orange and gold glitter.  The formula was great on this one, very easy to use and full coverage in 2 coats.  In typical texture fashion, Jinx started chipping in a couple of hours.

OPI Jinx 2

OPI Jinx 3

OPI Jinx

I found this at Glisten & Glow for $6.50.  I also picked up a bottle of HK Girl top coat, which I am currently testing.  What’s your favorite textured polish?

Nire’s Desire Winter Wonderland

Today I have another newer indie brand for you, Nire’s Desire.  Erin sent me a few of her polishes to try, and I am so impressed with her brand.  Everything from the labels to the brushes to the polish formula screams quality.

First up is one of her core colors, Angelic Little Devil.  This is an orangey red base with a scattered holo.  The holo is super bright in this one, and the formula is perfect, plus it dries quickly.  This is 2 easy coats with top coat.

Nire's Desire Angelic Little Devil

Nire's Desire Angelic Little Devil 4

Check out that holo!

Nire's Desire Angelic Little Devil 6

Nire's Desire Angelic Little Devil 2

The next two polishes are part of her winter collection, and are scheduled to be released today.

Winter Is Coming is a sheer icy blue base packed with different sizes of holo glitter and holo snowflakes!  I used one coat over Nails Inc. Belgrave Place, plus top coat.  I did have to place the snowflake glitters, but they were super easy to fish out of the bottle.

Nire's Desire Winter Is Coming 2

Nire's Desire Winter Is Coming 3

The pictures don’t totally capture how sparkly this one is in person.  It is really beautiful, and over dark blue looks like a winter night sky!

Nire's Desire Winter Is Coming

Winter Wonderland is a blue jelly base full of blue. purple, and silver holo glitter, plus holo snowflakes.  The formula was a bit thicker on this one, but totally worth it!  I did 3 coats, a coat of gelous plus top coat.  Again, I placed the snowflake glitter.

Nire's Desire Winter Wonderland 3

Nire's Desire Winter Wonderland

Nire's Desire Winter Wonderland 2

You can buy Nire’s Desire on Etsy for $8-$10 for a 13 mL bottle.  You can also follow her on Facebook.  Erin is offering a buy 3, get the 4th free promotion for Cosmetical readers.  Just leave a note on your order with the free polish you’d like, and tell her Stephanie at the Cosmetical sent you!  Trust me, you need Nire’s Desire in your life!

*The products in this post were provided by the company for an honest review.

Nail Tisane

Today I have a relatively new indie brand to show you. Danii from Nail Tisane sent me a few bottles of her polishes, and they are beautiful.  She defines Nail Tisane as “a catch-all term for any nail polish made and sold by yours truly from a variety of pigments, glitters, and other materials.”

First up is Evening Gown.  I was most excited to try this one, and it did not disappoint.  Evening Gown is a purple polish with sparse holo glitter, and a pink sheen when the light hits it.  This is 3 coats plus top coat, and it had the best formula of the polishes I tried.

Nail Tisane Evening Gown 4

Nail Tisane Evening Gown

Nail Tisane Evening Gown 2

Next is The Horseman’s Head.  This is a light green, milky jelly with grey and lime green glitter.  This was a sheer polish, and it’s shown with 3 coats over OPI Alpine Snow, plus top coat.  The formula was a bit thick, but workable.

Nail Tisane The Horseman's Head

Nail Tisane The Horseman's Head 2

Fabala Fae is a black jelly with different sizes of green glitter and holo squares.   Shown is 4 coats plus top coat.

Nail Tisane Fabala Fae

Nail Tisane Fabala Fae 2

Totally a Real Tattoo is a green jelly holo with black shreds.  This is 3 coats plus top coat.  The formula on this one was pretty thick, so it was a bit difficult to work with.  Despite that, it’s a very pretty polish.

Nail Tisane Totally a Real Tattoo 2

Nail Tisane Totally a Real Tattoo

Finally, Photobombing Lycanthrope.  This is a black/brown jelly base with gold circle glitter and different sizes of copper glitter.  It’s a very interesting polish, but the formula was the most difficult to work with of the polishes I tried.  The first 2 coats were streaky, I ended up doing 4 coats.   You can still see a bit of dragging by the cuticles in the pictures.   The glitter spread nicely, though.

Nail Tisane Photobombing Lycanthrope

Nail Tisane Photobombing Lycanthrope 2

You can find Nail Tisane on Etsy.  She sells full size (.45 oz) bottles for $12, and mini (.13 oz) bottles for $5.  She is also offering an exclusive code to Cosmetical readers, just enter the code MONSTERLACQUER at checkout for 5% off your purchase through December 31st, 2013!

*The products in this post were provided by the company for an honest review.