Essie Toggle to the Top

I recently came across the Essie Winter 2013 collection, but only one of the polishes caught my eye.  All of the other colors were too similar to polishes I already have, but Toggle to the Top is pretty unique.

Toggle to the Top is a beautiful cranberry jelly (no pun intended!) with red glitter throughout.  This was 2 thin coats, the first coat was a bit streaky but the second smoothed everything out.  I used 2 coats of Out the Door for a smooth finish.

Essie Toggle to the Top 3

Depending on the lighting, this polish can lean more red or more purple.

Essie Toggle to the Top 2

Essie Toggle to the Top

I am loving this color, it is the perfect color for Thanksgiving, and it also makes a great Christmas red.

3 thoughts on “Essie Toggle to the Top

  1. amandarobots

    This is gorgeous. I 100% agree with you, this is the only shade that seems super unique in this collection. I’ve been eyeing it, but one thing’s stopped me from getting it: Is it difficult to remove like a conventional glitter, or is it a bit easier like some of the more finely-milled ones? Glitter removal is a pain, even with all the tricks I’ve learned on blogs – how annoying it is is the only thing that stops me from wearing it 24/7 🙂

    1. thecosmetical Post author

      I haven’t taken it off yet! I think it’s gonna take a bit of scrubbing, but the glitter is small enough it shouldn’t be too bad. It is definitely worth the trouble, though!


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