Maybelline Color Show Brocades

I recently picked up a couple of polishes from Maybelline’s Color Show Brocades collection.  These are beautiful, glittery polishes with great formulas.  I have been really impressed with drugstore polishes lately.  They have improved so much in terms of quality and creativity.

First up is Black In Mirrors.  This is multiple sizes of graphite grey glitter, with some gold hex glitter thrown in a clear base.  It’s very dense, but  you could also use it as a glitter topper with one coat.

Revlon Black In Mirros 4

Revlon Black In Mirrors 2

Shown is 3 coats with top coat.  This was a thicker base consistent with dense glitter polishes, but dried surprisingly smooth, I only need one coat of top coat.

Revlon Black In Mirrors 3

Next is Amethyst Couture. This is an almost-black purple base with tons of purple hex glitter and gold shimmer.

Revlon Amethyst Coture

Amethyst Couture was super pigmented, this is 2 coats plus Out the Door.  Pictures don’t really do this one justice…it’s much prettier in person.

Revlon Amethyst Coture 2

This is a beautiful collection, perfect for winter.  Have you picked up any of the Brocades yet?


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