Nail Tisane

Today I have a relatively new indie brand to show you. Danii from Nail Tisane sent me a few bottles of her polishes, and they are beautiful.  She defines Nail Tisane as “a catch-all term for any nail polish made and sold by yours truly from a variety of pigments, glitters, and other materials.”

First up is Evening Gown.  I was most excited to try this one, and it did not disappoint.  Evening Gown is a purple polish with sparse holo glitter, and a pink sheen when the light hits it.  This is 3 coats plus top coat, and it had the best formula of the polishes I tried.

Nail Tisane Evening Gown 4

Nail Tisane Evening Gown

Nail Tisane Evening Gown 2

Next is The Horseman’s Head.  This is a light green, milky jelly with grey and lime green glitter.  This was a sheer polish, and it’s shown with 3 coats over OPI Alpine Snow, plus top coat.  The formula was a bit thick, but workable.

Nail Tisane The Horseman's Head

Nail Tisane The Horseman's Head 2

Fabala Fae is a black jelly with different sizes of green glitter and holo squares.   Shown is 4 coats plus top coat.

Nail Tisane Fabala Fae

Nail Tisane Fabala Fae 2

Totally a Real Tattoo is a green jelly holo with black shreds.  This is 3 coats plus top coat.  The formula on this one was pretty thick, so it was a bit difficult to work with.  Despite that, it’s a very pretty polish.

Nail Tisane Totally a Real Tattoo 2

Nail Tisane Totally a Real Tattoo

Finally, Photobombing Lycanthrope.  This is a black/brown jelly base with gold circle glitter and different sizes of copper glitter.  It’s a very interesting polish, but the formula was the most difficult to work with of the polishes I tried.  The first 2 coats were streaky, I ended up doing 4 coats.   You can still see a bit of dragging by the cuticles in the pictures.   The glitter spread nicely, though.

Nail Tisane Photobombing Lycanthrope

Nail Tisane Photobombing Lycanthrope 2

You can find Nail Tisane on Etsy.  She sells full size (.45 oz) bottles for $12, and mini (.13 oz) bottles for $5.  She is also offering an exclusive code to Cosmetical readers, just enter the code MONSTERLACQUER at checkout for 5% off your purchase through December 31st, 2013!

*The products in this post were provided by the company for an honest review.


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