OPI Liquid Sand Jinx

Today I have an OPI Liquid sand to show you, Jinx.  It took me a while to get on board with the textured polish trend, but I really do enjoy them for something different.  Jinx is an orange-coral-pinkish polish with orange and gold glitter.  The formula was great on this one, very easy to use and full coverage in 2 coats.  In typical texture fashion, Jinx started chipping in a couple of hours.

OPI Jinx 2

OPI Jinx 3

OPI Jinx

I found this at Glisten & Glow for $6.50.  I also picked up a bottle of HK Girl top coat, which I am currently testing.  What’s your favorite textured polish?


3 thoughts on “OPI Liquid Sand Jinx

  1. Christiana

    Was considering buying some of the OPI Liquid Sand colors – so found this post quite interesting. Pity these chip away so easily. They’d be such fun otherwise… My recent experience with Essie’s Toggle to the Top (quite a different formula but still texture polish I guess?) wasn’t too great either. So I probably will give these a miss after all.. 😦

      1. Christiana

        I’m afraid I’m kind of a once-a-week mani girl myself, so anything that doesn’t make it the whole 7 days would (under normal circumstances) have to be a miss 😦 Still interesting, if you are in the mood for a one-off, I guess…

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