Caudalie Lip Conditioner

Caudalie Lip Conditioner


I pretty much have my lip care routine figured out.  Jack Black throughout the day, and Fresh Sugar overnight.  This works for me, and unlike most other areas, I do not feel the need to change this up.  So when I bought the Caudalie hand cream and lip balm set during Sephora’s Black Friday, I was buying it mostly for the hand cream.

So I was pleasantly surprise to find that I actually really enjoy Caudalie’s Lip Conditioner.  It does remind me a lot of Fresh Sugar, but it is much more lightweight.  It is very moisturizing and it lasts well through the day, I only feel the need to reapply after eating/drinking.  If I apply this before bed, it lasts through the night and I wake up with soft, moisturized lips.  It does not really have a smell or taste, and at almost half the price, there is a good chance that I will repurchase this over Fresh Sugar.

You can find Caudalie Lip Conditioner at Sephora for $12.


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