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Foreo Luna Mini

As a die hard Clarisonic fan for the last 3-4 years, I never thought I would even try another face brush.  However, when BzzAgent presented the opportunity to try a Luna Mini at a huge discount, I decided it was worth a shot.

Foreo Luna Mini

Foreo claims that the Luna Mini will deliver clearer, brigher skin in 3 days.  One charge lasts for 300 uses, and it comes with a 2 year warranty.  Overall, I love the Luna, and I think this will get more use than my Clarisonic.  The vibration is very similar, and the Luna has two different speeds, and two sides with different size silicone nubs.  I love that you do not have any brush heads to replace here, which is a $100 savings per year.

Foreo Luna Mini 2

The Luna is waterproof, so it can be used in the shower, and I feel like it is much more sanitary than a traditional brush.  It also feels less abrasive on my skin than even a sensitive Clarisonic brush.  I wouldn’t dare use my Clarisonic more than once a day, but I could definitely get away with twice a day using the Luna.  A day after my first use, I noticed a lot of new blackheads coming up, proving just how deep a clean it is.  This is stuff that years of Clarisonic use missed.  After a couple of days, my skin cleared up, and it is clearer, and visibly brighter, as promised.

The only thing I wasn’t completely happy with is the charger. It comes with a (very short) USB cable, but it does not come with a wall plug.  While this is not really a problem, as I have tons of plugs from other electronics, I feel like for $139, it should come with it’s own.

You can find Luna Mini here in a variety of colors, and it retails for $139.  If you are interested in purchasing the Luna Mini, you can use the code 6ZFXWH to receive 35% off through January 31, 2014.