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Northern Star Cuticle Oil

Northern Star is an indie polish company, and while I have yet to try out any of their polishes, I did recently pick up a couple cuticle oils.  As soon as I saw they had a pumpkin spice scented oil, I had to have it.


I purchased a cuticle oil in Spiced Pumpkin and one in Absinthe.  They shipped amazingly quick, and were packaged beautifully.  The bottles were wrapped in holiday paper, with snowflake confetti in the box, and an extra cuticle oil!  The cuticle oils come in a 10 mL bottle (super affordable at only $3!)  with a doe foot applicator, like a lip gloss.  I wasn’t sure about the packaging at first, it seemed like it had the potential to be a mess.  But after using it, I love the packaging.  There is no extra oil on the wand, and just enough soaks into the applicator.  Plus, its small enough to fit around your nails and unlike a brush, it puts the oil exactly where you want it.

Northern Star cuticle oils contain olive oil, glycerin, almond oil, grapeseed oil, and fragrance.  The oil itself absorbs pretty quickly and is very moisturizing.  The scents are amazing, and they last long after the oil has absorbed.  Pumpkin spice is amazing, and the scent is exactly what it should be.  I had no idea what absinthe was going to smell like, but ordered it because it sounded cool.  It has a lighter scent than pumpkin spice, and is a sweet, candy-like smell.

You can buy Northern Star on Etsy, although the shop is currently closed for the holidays.  You can also find them on Facebook.

Mentality Candy Jelly Holos

I LOVE Mentality.  I followed them for a long time before I actually bought anything, but now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.  They have great formulas, amazing colors and a huge selection.  I have never been disappointed with a bottle of Mentality Nail Polish.  Plus, they are super affordable, ranging from $6.50-$8, and shipping is always free!

Today I have 3 of their Candy Jelly Holos.  This is an awesome collection of bright holographic polishes.  Each swatch shown is 3 coats with Out the Door top coat.

First up is Pastille, a beautiful aquamarine blue with a subtle scattered holo.

Mentality Pastille

Mentality Pastille 2

Mentality Pastille 3

Next is Hard Candy, a bright purple holo.  This one had the strongest holographic effect of the three, and was almost a 2 coater.

Mentality Hard Candy

Mentality Hard Candy 4

Mentality Hard Candy 3

Mentality Hard Candy 2

Finally, Sourball.  A bright light green holo.  This was the sheerest of the three.

Mentality Sourball

Mentality Sourball 2

Mentality Nail Polish can be purchased from Big Cartel or Etsy.  They are also on Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter as well.