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Mentality Candy Jelly Holos

I LOVE Mentality.  I followed them for a long time before I actually bought anything, but now that I’ve started, I can’t stop.  They have great formulas, amazing colors and a huge selection.  I have never been disappointed with a bottle of Mentality Nail Polish.  Plus, they are super affordable, ranging from $6.50-$8, and shipping is always free!

Today I have 3 of their Candy Jelly Holos.  This is an awesome collection of bright holographic polishes.  Each swatch shown is 3 coats with Out the Door top coat.

First up is Pastille, a beautiful aquamarine blue with a subtle scattered holo.

Mentality Pastille

Mentality Pastille 2

Mentality Pastille 3

Next is Hard Candy, a bright purple holo.  This one had the strongest holographic effect of the three, and was almost a 2 coater.

Mentality Hard Candy

Mentality Hard Candy 4

Mentality Hard Candy 3

Mentality Hard Candy 2

Finally, Sourball.  A bright light green holo.  This was the sheerest of the three.

Mentality Sourball

Mentality Sourball 2

Mentality Nail Polish can be purchased from Big Cartel or Etsy.  They are also on Facebook and you can follow them on Twitter as well.