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Kiss Color Gel Sweet Galaxy

Today I have a glitter gradient with gel polish.  I used Kiss Color Gel Sweet for the base, and Galaxy as the glitter.

Kiss Galaxy

Sweet was impossible to capture in pictures.  It is more green and a little brighter than this in person.  Depending on the lighting, it goes between a light kelly green and more of a teal color.

Kiss Galaxy 4

Galaxy was a little disappointing, only because I expected it to be a full coverage silver glitter.  The tips are 3 coats or Galaxy, and they are not even close to opaque.  However, it is still a very nice silver glitter and worked very well for this gradient.

Kiss Galaxy 7

And here’s one of Sweet on it’s own. Sweet applied great and the quality is a lot better than I expected from Kiss.  I used 3 thin coats for full coverage.

Kiss Sweet

I got these from Meijer for $9.99 each, and they are .3 oz bottles, which is typical for gel polish.