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Barkbox January 2014

We finally got our January Barkbox in the mail!

Barkbox Jan 2014

Spencer was perfectly excited with the box this month, I was a bit disappointed, however.  He loves the treats that were included, but both of the toys are things that he isn’t typically interested in.

Barkbox Jan 2014 2

Barksters Sweet Potato and Beef Krisps ($8.99)  Spencer LOVES these treats.  He typically prefers soft treats, but these are crunch without being hard.  I love that they are all-natural, and I would definitely buy these for Spence.

Think! Dog Louisiana Alligator Jerky  So despite these being called “alligator jerky,” I didn’t expect it to be actual alligator.  But it is.  Alligator treats for a dog.  Cause he wasn’t already spoiled enough.  Spencer absolutely loved these.  I hate them.  They smell awful, and the smell stays on your hands and on your dogs breath.  After giving him a couple of these in the afternoon, I could smell them on him when we went to bed that night.  I couldn’t find a price on these.

Barkbox Jan 2014  3

Barkworthies Chew  I do not have any information on what this is, and couldn’t figure it out from the Barkworthies site, according to the Barkbox card this was supposed to be a deer chew from Etta Says.  But either way, Spence grabbed this and ran.  And yes, that’s his impatient paw waiting for me to finish taking the picture.

Harry Barker Tug n’ Toss ($6)  This is just a rope with a ball on the end.  Spencer doesn’t play with rope toys a whole bunch, and he is completely uninterested in this toy, unfortunately.

Wigzi Pocket Bone ($7.99) This is a rubber bone that has pockets in each end for treats.  I have never bought a toy like this for Spencer, and I try to stay away from rubber toys in general because he chews them up.  But I gave this to him with an alligator treat in each end, and he did play with it until he got the treats out.  It has sat unused ever since.

Even though I couldn’t find a price for everything included in the box, I know the value exceeded what I paid.  There is one more box left in Spencer’s subscription, so I hope that one is better on the toy front.  I still think Barkbox is a great service though.

You can sign up for Barkbox here, and receive $5 off your first month!